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Remember Pearl Harbor 100' X 3' tall letters


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In the States we write out the above date in this order...Month, Day & Year

Cincinnati, Ohio had a Korean War veteran resident who made this alternative news history. He was in his 6th grade class on December 6, 1939. Due to failing a test this male student was made an example of in front of his Geography class by the teacher. This was the beginning of an American legend, so believe it or not!

My daughter is an executive dealing with life insurance claims in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her investigation led her to believe Robert W. Roll had sadly passed on in July 2002. Trivia: Her insurance company's skyscraper is Cincinnati's tallest building. It is topped off by a huge silver metal structure replicating Princess Diana's wedding tiara.

From our free world's past battle cries to the present...

Remember the Alamo!

Remember the Maine!

Remember the HMS Lusitania!

Remember Pearl Harbor!

Remember September 11, 2001!

Remember Madrid! March 11, 2004

Remember London! July 7, 2005

Remember the Fort Hood Massacre! November 5, 2009

Remember the Boston Marathon! April 15, 2013

Owensville, Indiana USA

Dated: Tuesday June 21, 2005

Was this a real prophecy or just an urban legend that never really happened at all?

Our Town Clerk-Treasurer recently received an interesting letter from a man who lives in Maryland who wondered if a story he read about in two separate books really did happen in a small southern Indiana town.

Thomas R. Shreck of Salisbury wrote the incident in question allegedly happened 66 years ago - exactly two years before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor - which unfolded on December 7, 1941.

The incident is described as follows:

"The message scrawled in paint on the sidewalk in front of the public grade school in Indiana, was, townsfolk thought an aggravating bit of vandalism. But what did the cryptic message mean? The huge letters spelled out: "Remember Pearl Harbor."

The citizens talked about the writing that winter morning found on the seventh of December, 1939. What did 'Pearl Harbor' mean? They never figured out who painted the words or why. It seemed just a prank or some mindless vandalism, and the incident was forgotten - until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on the exact day - two years later."

Shreck noted in his letter that he read about the incident in a book written by Frank Edwards and a second time in a blurb says - "Astounding stories of strange events! All authentic - all absolutely true!"

The Town Clerk shared the interesting letter with the members of the Town Council. They found it fascinating.

This came from the South Gibson Star Times from "Impressions" by Nick Schneider.

Bobby used chalk and not paint. The letters REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR were 100 feet long and 3 feet tall! Our house is four blocks away from the concrete sidewalk West of here. The school was built in 1917 and it was torn down, in perfect shape, in the late eighties. The sunken gymnasium is a recreation center and museum named after coach Kenneth Sharp.

Keep in mind, few know that it was another 6th grade boy who came up with this one.

How to fold money that mimics 9/11/01..........!


This true prophecy can be found on page 191 in Frank Edwards' STRANGE WORLD Sensational Stories of Fantastic Events-Astounding and Absolutely True!

From The History Channel's "Myths of Pearl Harbor"

"We can weigh the consequences of our modern age. But one conclusion is inescapable. The Pearl Harbors we face today will share one thing from the past. They will surely surprise us."

Stockard Channing

I won't be adding the Syfy Channel's video: Beyond Belief - Fact or fiction - 1998 - Graffiti - with host Jonathan Frakes. The addition of that copyrighted video may have led to the deletion of this same topic of mine some months ago. There were no reasons given, it just disappeared and it had 29 posts!


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From what I can make of it, I presume this fella just painted "Remember Pearl harbor" , not "Remember 9/11, madrid, the Boston Marathon" etc? Now that would be an impressive prophecy, getting the dates exactly right and all.

Glad to see he remembered the Alamo , a lot of people forget that. :unsure2:

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so... i'm not sure what the section about the daughter who is a life insurance executive has to do with the rest of it... or with anything at all.

is this your original writing, op, or did you copy and paste some of it from somewhere else? i'm not asking out of hostility, i'm curious. because right now this is a confusing mish-mash of ideas.

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Other than learning that Owensville was the "small southern Indiana town" in question, I couldn't find any new information about this. Malaria_Kidd, where did you first hear about this?

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Other than learning that Owensville was the "small southern Indiana town" in question, I couldn't find any new information about this. Malaria_Kidd, where did you first hear about this?

After going to OHS around ten years. I first read it in a men's magazine named "Argosy" in 1964 at our local grain elevator next to the school. No older teachers in my timeteaching students in 1939 ever brought up the prophetic line. My basketball, baseball, and football coach mentioned above verified this as 1of 400 witnesses to the white chalk message. I have Frank Edwards book that is still available on Amazon.com.

I've made my point using Remember many times in the first post. The point was lost it seems just as it was on December 7, 1939.

Look up Owensville High School on Wikipedia and read all about it..........if the replies are as logical as theotherguys I will reply back.

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So what is the point? We get the point (I think) that "Remember Pearl harbor" was supposedly written two years before the event, but what was the point of all that "Remembering the Alamo, 9/11, Madrid, Boston etc"? did someone write "Remember 9/11" in 100 foot high letters on 9/11/99 or something?

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I've made my point using Remember many times in the first post. The point was lost it seems just as it was on December 7, 1939.

you haven't made any point just a couple statements about "battle cries" thanks for the link on how to fold money too :rolleyes:

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I hope this post helps earn the missing 5th star rating for the late home town boy and Cincinnati, Ohio Korean War Veteran who made the prophetic message on our old school's front sidewalk. Listen to actor Jonathan Frakes and a cast of good character actors for Dick Clark Productions at the Sci Fi Channel in 1998.

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This time travel phenomenon was not limited to the confines of the base and its perimeter. In Owensville, Indiana, white chalked graffiti stating, "Remember Pearl Harbor" vandalized the cement outside the local public school! What makes this significant is the fact that this piece of graffiti was written on December 07,1939 (8)

According to one FBI report, on December 09,1941, a couple on its way to South Bend, Indiana picked up a hitchhiker on his way to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Along the way, the hitchhiker tells the couple that he is unable to pay them, but as payment, he will answer any question that the driver wishes. Jokingly, the driver asks ,"So when will the war end?". To which the passenger, before leaving the car states, "August 14, 1945".(9)

The credits for (8) & (9) are noted here...

8. See Strange World by Frank Edwards (1964)

9. See Alligators in the Sewer and 222 Other Urban Legends by Thomas J. Craughnel

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