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The UK General Election - May 7th 2015


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Today our prime minister called for elections on june 18. So now it is our turn to go through 3 weeks of campaigning. On the other hand that is nothing compared to the lenghts of election campaigns in the US !

Right now the opposition, led by a former prime minister, is in the lead. Its funny how people have allready forgotten why they voted him out in 2011. It is still close enough that the present government could survive, so it should be quite interesting.

We have a party that is much like UKIP, though they are not advocating a complete split from the EU, and they are expected to get around 20% of the votes. Since we have proportional representation, they are guaranteed to get more than 1 seat !

Btw. our prime ministers husband just got elected to the UK parliament. (Stephen Kinnock, labour)

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