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Ascension,Spiritual Awakening

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As most know I am new here. And I am a Caulbearer. If you don't know what a Caulbearer is please Google Search it.

Like I said before in another post. Ever since I was little I had this high pitch ringing in my ears. It doesn't bother me and I been hearing it all my life. I thought it was normal and I thought everyone heard it.

I even went to the Doctor's cause I thought it might be Tinnitus.

They found nothing and said I am healthy. It's started getting worse (maybe not worse) but it seem other things started happening ever since I became proficient at meditation and opening Chakras.

Not only do I hear one constant high pitch ringing but off and on I would hear low tones and high tones. So I hear three different ringing sounds. Left and right ear or both ears sometimes.

I come to the conclusion that the constant high pitched ringing I hear everyday means that I am in tune with Universe. And the low tones and high tones

I hear in either ear once every so often are spirits communicating with me.

And this is what experiencing Ascension is like.

Understanding Ascension:

During the psychic development process there are several stops along the way that help to make sure the development is strong and successful. Many psychics either forget this part or do not come across the means to develop it.

Outstanding psychic development means you develop the ability to understand the process of Ascension and work towards achieving it within your life time.

Ascension in short means moving the physical body to that of ‘light’. This means you increase your energetic vibration to the level of light. Due to the fact every thought, word, emotion, and action is a vibration which creates our energetic field or aura, ascension entails purifying our thoughts through the removal in the system of low frequency energy. Also known as clogged up emotions! Loving action for the highest good is not always something we want to do if our thoughts and emotions are tired, angry or unwell. The process of ascension helps for the emotions of our human nature to become almost permanently balanced. Life’s hiccups causing ripples rather than giant waves.

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Do you know what the caul actually is?

Many people hears sounds like you descibed, my husband does, its not unusual and not a special gift. Some people hear "tones" if they live near masts, I am sensitive to electricity sounds.

Anyway, what is your point or question?

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It's really not a question. Just telling my experience. The Caulbearer also known as "Being Born with a Veil over your Face" http://www.caulbearer.org/

And Caulbearer's are indeed special.

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That was a very nice explanation. I've heard the high pitched noise ever since I turned 16 and awakened. It doesn't sound like white noise or electricity, it's unlike any other sound, and I can't find anything that sounds like it.. I don't think it's tinnitus either. I used to get really super loud bouts of it when I was around 10, now that I think of it. That's super cool that you're a caulbearer!

I wish you luck on your journey! ~Sabrina

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