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Still Waters

If we find aliens, they will be machines

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Forgive me but I understand the physics behind this, and the insurmountable variables of such travel.....but isn't this just conventional thinking?

No, in fact I see flaws in it myself and more a second stage than a first, but to be frank, I find Lord Rees incredibly underwhelming. I know he has impressive qualifications, but at time I honestly wonder if he bought them at times, and indeed many of his degrees are honorary. He says more stupid things than any other academic I can think of, and am largely unaware of any major contribution he has offered.

We are assuming our knowledge is the sum of all wisdom. Are we really going to go out on a limb and say we know everything about the universe and the law of physics that govern it?

How do you come to this conclusion?? Did you read the link in the OP??

It starts with:

Alien contact is likely to come from machines living on other worlds outside of the solar system, the astronomer royal Martin Rees has said.

That is a guess, and a pretty basic one for such a high profile with a lifetime if astronomical advantage. As I said, Lord Rees is pretty underwhelming.

What if we are wrong? And if we are right, then what about Einstein-Rosenberg Bridges or other phenomena that we do not yet know about.

You are telling us about theoretical phenomenon that we do not know about??

We theorised it!! How the heck does that work????????

We are a race who has barely reached beyond our own moon with anything other than primitive probes yet we are going to claim that we know everything regarding the ability to travel across the universe.

So it is more logical to claim there is an advanced species out there who can do what physics tells us it cannot??

We did that already - see God.


If that is the case then pack, up the labs, sack all the physicists, dismantle the Large Hadron Collider, we already know everything so why bother?

Exactly, why do they have al that when they know it already??

Kinda proves they do not know it already and advertise that t the world. The fluid nature of science and all that. Your own post disproves itself.

Apologies if that sounds combative or abrupt, it wasn't my intention, but there is a supreme arrogance attached to the human race that we know everything, and we possess the sum of all knowledge....until we are proven wrong then we quietly change our thinking.

I have to say it is arrogant to judge science when you do not understand it, and run with what woo websites say about it.

Just my humble opinion anyway

Of course, but in a discussion forum, others also have the right to counter erroneous information.

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Herr Falukorv

Our first contact will be with cylons

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I remember back in the late 80s reading a magazine article predicting contact made with aliens by the 2000. Hmm 2015 with more predictions of meetings aliens but instead it be a toaster. LOL

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