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Tibetan Terma Treasure – in England ?

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Dan Green: The karmic connection between England and Tibet started in 1888 when British troops invaded the Land of the Snows, first to flex their muscles in a power struggle involving themselves, China and Russia all wanting to take the country for its value in being a thriving trade route, also to build up an exclusive colonial influence in the region. In 1904 the British stormed in again, led by Francis Younghusband, killing near defenceless hapless Tibetans and monks who were no match for artillery and weaponry, the exact amount killed still a debate to this day in what is recorded as The Massacre of Chumik Shenko. After the bloodbath, Younghusband had a mystical experience up a mountain before leaving Tibet, and which changed his life introducing him as a spiritual figurehead who even went as far as to believe in extra-terrestials (Quite a thing then way back in 1904).

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