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This is actually moderately interesting.. The Rand Daily Mail newspaper was published from 1902 until it was controversially closed in 1985 after adopting an outspoken anti-apartheid stance in the midst of a massive clampdown on activists by the security forces. The title was based in Johannesburg as a daily newspaper and best known for breaking the news about the apartheid state's Muldergate Scandal in 1979.[1] It also exposed the truth about the death in custody of anti-Apartheid activist Steve Biko, in 1977.

The Rand Daily Mail was resurrected as a website by Times Media Group, who hold rights to the original title, in October 2014.

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Radical 111 meaning "arrow" is 1 of 23 Kangxi radicals (214 radicals total) composed of 5 strokes.

In the Kangxi Dictionary there are 64 characters (out of 49,030) to be found under this radical.



Anglo-Celtic Australians[3] are citizens of Australia with British and/or Irish ancestral origins.[4][5]


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Rudi is a commune in Soroca district, Moldova. It is composed of a single village, Rudi.

it's got a monstery and a geodetic point, look!

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