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Japan researchers develop touchable hologram

Still Waters

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A Japanese company called Aerial Burton has been using lasers to ionize air molecules in midair for a few years now, thereby creating bright pixels that float in space. Using the original system, however, you were essentially creating floating plasma which could burn you if you touched it.

Now, however, the researchers at the University of Tsukuba, Utsunomiya University, Nagoya Institute of Technology, and the University of Tokyo have reduced the power necessary to generate the images by using femtosecond lasers, a feat that lets you actually tap images to interact with them, Tech Crunch reports.


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So, Japan, with its burgeoning population of 40 year-old virgins has found a way to fondle fairies by projecting plasma into space?

I love Japan, technology and general wizardry.....but.....was this foxfire light or fairy light in the original translation?

And yes, my only real complaint is a cross linguistic pun dealing with smiling kitsune.

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Years from now we might see 15 foot tall holographic robot fights! They'd be much less messy and dangerous than using actual metal.

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This is the beginning of a revolution in the porn industry.


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