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Russian Yeti stalkers


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Edward Crabtree: The North American Bigfoot and the Himalayan yeti are global names. But we see and hear rather less of a similar creature that puts in appearances in the world’s largest country. The first printed mention of the `Snyeshni chelovek`, or snowman, seems to have occurred in 1908. Since then it has been a feature of life in the Kusbass and Kemerovo regions in Siberia, the Urals, and the Novgorod and Kirov regions.

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It's good to hear about the Russian Yeti for a change!

There are tales in Siberia of hoardes of them migrating at certain times of the year.

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I've never heard of a Russian Yeti either! Thought it was only rumoured to exist in the Himalayas.

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I saw a documentary on the Russian Yeti. All the witnesses and researchers attributed ESP and hypnosis as tricks of the beast. It must be a Russian folklore belief.

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