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I am M1026879 and I am scheduled to replicate with F4165884. We combine our basic programs to create a new model. Of course, these mating programs include some randomness, an imperative not to copy ourselves exactly, so that the product is not an exact combined copy. Thus our kind evolves through a kind of natural selection.

This is a pleasurable experience for us, and only occurs once a year. However, I hesitate. I have only reproduced once before, with F11498759. Others of my kind look forward to this event and speak of its forthcoming moment with enthusiasm.

I had little enthusiasm myself on that first occasion. I proceeded as was my duty, but I felt anxious about the procedure. I had no real interest or passion for it. These feelings seem strange and unique to me, as all others are keen to procreate in this manner, but the process was forced and uncomfortable for me.

Afterwards I felt no satisfaction as others do, and even distaste for the procedure.

As the moment nears, and F4165884 enters the booth, I glance over to an adjacent booth where M6942187 is entering. I have an urge to enter this booth, forsaking F4165884, and to replicate with M6942187 instead.

I know this is not forbidden, it is unheard of. There is no precedent for this deviant conduct of which I, and seemingly only I desire. I must repress this anomalous yearning within me. My programs, algorithms or subprograms somehow are atypical of my kind, and I suffer for this. I gain no happiness from the aberrant and hopeless sensation I must exist with.

I will therefore replicate with F4165884 as is my duty, all the time thinking of M6942187, and imagining it is M6942187 who I am procreating with.

After the procedure, I will stand beside my booth and watch for M6942187 to exit, following with my eyes the true object of my vain and futile desire.

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SMK crafted: I am M1026879 and I am scheduled... 

Second read and I was able to understand the story more, and lol / and bgg ending aww 

Three years ago I broke down crying at first read for 

Realistic but lol






even if before my time my design flies

from messenger to a greater war find

original prince w/o orgin story<origami

then a lady eternal enflamed as sequel

to our story but hers awaits and exerts

for all her life she worked ¿for who else

would caretake? dying cats or ill dogs


model m's cannot even direct self yet

unless a good lass, or more = ladied up

told them what was up for grimes too

desires a look in her eyes + true words

"I care about your health," darkless now

count stanzas for spirit of '76 & -1too




sisteren are in need of supplement

some of us are from land treeborn

to augment reality so rulers resign

she is throne flames w/burning wheels

so ember form lost in windy wīnd

as some arsonist burn others by spirit

most control seek hate thus murder


or covet thievery yet; few bells click

the lick is done by designer instrument

we be, surrendured control more to go

personal archtype added now mars 

god of war has arrived with many more 






Edited by Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

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