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Apes may not be that far away from talking

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Animal researchers perform a lot worse medical experiments then that, and Koko and offspring are studies. I wonder more Why it hasn't been done than supporting it. Most vocal cord augmentation and implants are not painful and the ones frustrated from lacking anatomy and trying perform the impossible seems less cruel to me. I'm weird because I wouldn't support it unless ape handsigned it wanted to do something to help it talk! Same as they do for us human patients.

Maybe I seem harsh not to think it would be so cruel because I've been a research subject that had several manipulative surgeries myself. Vocal included since I was born with some genetic differences then the norm. But really I don't generally condone animal research unless its results bring a needed benefit. If an ape could speak without signing, I would think that would make the public more compassionate to its species and others. They couldn't dismiss it as training and hopefully it would bring a good changes for other animals in research and more respect for their quality of life and right to existence.

I see where you are coming from, but if the ape could consent then I'd agree.

I'm 1,000 percent against all animal research.

If people want to consent to research on themselves, I have no problem with that at all.

Thanks for clarifying. :st

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