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Allosaurus dinosaur skeleton up for auction


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Allosaurus dinosaur skeleton up for auction in West Sussex

The 9ft-long (2m) carnivore is the first predatory dinosaur skeleton to be sold in the UK, according to the auctioneers in West Sussex. It was found at a quarry in Wyoming in the US, and retains an articulated skull with dagger-like teeth. It will be sold at Summers Place Auctions, Billingshurst, on 25 November. The Allosaurus lived during the late Jurassic period and fully grown could reach 28ft (8m) in length.

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"It’s half the size of an adult, so it’s more manageable and would fit in a lot of homes, as well as private institutions," said van der Werff. "We could see it going to either a museum or a collector."

What an interesting conversation piece to have in the corner of a room. I guess it would also scare the crap out of a burglar. I wonder how much the fire insurance for that thing will be? Lloyds of London surely would bite on it. :whistle:

I guess $1MM is reasonable for a 150 million year old antique!

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Oooh oooh I want one! Unfortunately I doubt my bank would give me a large enough lone.

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