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Are these signs from my spirit guides?

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I recently went to a psychic and it was such a brilliant experience, wish I could carry her around with me everywhere (sounds a bit creepy I know :) )

Anyway so the info relevant to my question now is that she told me that I should trust my gut more and that my boyfriend is not the man I'm going to marry, but she wouldn't tell me what else she saw. She did raise her one eyebrow and seemed a bit puzzled....

I have kind of known in the back of my mind that he is not 'the one' but we are both happy so why rock the boat, what will be will be.

Anyway one of her predictions is now coming true, which has lead me to wonder about 'the one'. Which is now why I'm here.

A few years ago I met a guy it was instant and intense and then ended for various reasons timing being the biggest. In my gut I just always had this feeling that it was real it wasn't just lust that it meant more that maybe he was suppose to be more. It took me years to get over him and I still think about him regularly.


I believe in spirit guides and psychic abilities I really do and wish I was gifted with the ability but I'm not. I have however tried to ask my guides if the above mentioned is the one (as ridiculous as this now sounds...) Ever since I've heard his name being called out and seen it in various places a few times and doubting the way I do I asked for his surname and just got that to. Is this possible? Would they be showing me something? I don't have to know where and when or how, I just want to know if it is him after all.

Please tell me if this is possible that it could be real signs, that it's not just coincidences.

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John from Lowell


These things are real for some of us but not most of us. How you choose to believe will effect both your abilities and your potentials. That is how free choice works. It does not matter how others use their perceptions, only how you use them.

Your guides will do their best to guide you. They will inspire you to become what you admire. You could be the psychic you carry around with you every day of your life.


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