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Paralysed man walks using 'power of the mind'


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'Modern miracle' sees brain waves harnessed to allow motorbike crash victim to move his legs

A paralysed man has walked again using the power of thought.

In a world first, the 26-year-old’s brain waves were harnessed to allow him to move his own legs.

His steps were faltering and he needed support, but, remarkably, he managed to walk 12 feet.

The ‘modern miracle’ offers hope to thousands who rely on wheelchairs.

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Guess I might not have to live in wheelchair when I get old. Dont know if I want one of those robot legs tho, or if can afford one. Cool for those who need them still :)

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Vertically filmed, grr

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The beginning of "The Six Million Dollar Man".

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That's what I call a step for mankind. Little baby Jesus had no hand in this one.

Mom always taught me that when i had something unkind to say to just not say it. Just passing on some wisdom,

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This research with concurrent research in neurotrophic factors that allow nerve cells to regenerate certainly offers an optimistic future for those in need.

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