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Germany in a state of SIEGE


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Toast, sorry but i can not agree with some of your statements. Germans as a nation did not vote for Hitler. We know that it

was a larger minority that did and the way Hitler came to power, like all dictators, thru intimidation, lies, deception, threats and

so on. No, i do not agree with the colective guilt or responsability of the great German people.

No, I did not said that all Germans voted for H. and I did not said that all Germans in 1933 had a colective guilt. But again,

Germans initialized the disaster and Germans made it possible and accepted the process. In my opinion the reasons therefor

are based in our history back to the thirteenth century (at least). The form of government was mostly the empire, means the

population was made and kept ductile all the time to be an easy tool for the agendas of the leaders and for the RCC as well.

Self-confidence of the normal ppl wasnt desired and was permanently suppressed. So, over hundreds of years a population

was created and formed, that asked for guidance and felt comfortable to get guided, for whatever targets and missions. So,

all the rebell-characteristics of (the wild bunch of) the Vikings and Celts vanished within the population and transformed the

Germans into a compliant mass, always ready to use for imperialistic aims, like the aims of Hitler.

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32minutes ...a super grovel contender. I think the lady behind Kevin was trying not to wince.

LOL, maybe he let a silent but violent rip!!

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