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Woman mistook builder's foam with hair mousse

Still Waters

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  • 2 weeks later...

She probably has a lawyer ready with a law suit. Wanna bet the can doesn't say in big bold letters DON"T USE ON HAIR!

Unless the foam was on her scalp she would have been just as well off going to a barber to cut off her hair, then buy a wig until her hair frew back.

It is funny to have you say she had a lawyer ready with a lawsuit. She lives in Eastern Europe not the US. Most lawyers don't deal with such stuff. She most likely doesn't understand or read English.I feel really bad for her and for some reason I think someone thought it was a funny joke but it turned out badly. Who was taking the pictures and who posted it on the internet?? Something is not right about this whole story.

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What's sad, is a picture like that, taken in a hospital, which has privacy rights for patients, ended up on the internet. This is what is wrong with the internet and people who post stuff like that without any regard for photo subject. I, in no way, find this amusing.

I think she was a homeless person sleeping hence the leaves in the foam and the foam all over her clothes...In a lot of eastern europe people do not have privacy rights unfortunately

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