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Researchers discovered alien megastructure?


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The authors of the scientific paper which reveals a dust-like spectrum for the gradual, long term dimming, are careful to admit that this does not explain the star's large, intermittant dips in brightness. Dust that remains in dense clumps, which this sort of dimming would require, is difficult to explain as an astrophysical phenomenon.      

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what about aliens instead of alien megastructure?what about some sort of space algae,or a swarm of creatures that feed of the energy of the star.unlikely,but haven't heard that theory.


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It's definitely unusual.but without further evidence and study it's all just guess work.whos to say it's not an alien race throwing a massive party 

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Well poop, would have been exiting if it really had been some alien mega structure.

Of course this was always the most likely outcome, still it's fun to hope and be exited.

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It's just like our sun. you can see it in the daytime and can't see it at night. So Where's the mystery?
<<<<<<<Foolishness off...

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