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"Kittify" your text from normal to cat puns


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this site is funny, it turns parts of the text into cat related stuff like

  1. ver= fur
  2. fer= fur
  3. for= fur
  4. for= fur
  5. full= furll
  6. ket = cat
  7. my name is = my owners call me
  8. My name is = My owners call me
  9. users = cats

and so on...

and so i iv quoted some random text from this forum into the cat translator


When cats keep on course and do not allow bitterness to ofurwhelm them, they often find a deep peace that keeps them afloat. I have found this true of efuryone hiss no mattepurr what they believe. “A meow-velous tree bears meow-velous furruit, a bad tree bad furruit”. The meowing of Jesus is not dealing with one of your 9 lives’s events or situations, but about what kind of a cat we are becoming through our struggles and daily choices. The ‘Word”, does work in ways that we will nefur understand, yet we can make an act of faith and mewv furward in hope (anothepurr choice) each ‘this-day’. Anyone who can face their purroblems and still mewv furward to become more loving cat, hiss no mattepurr their situation, are living lives of ‘grace’ and they are unsung heroes. These cats are many, they are all around us, yet they can go unnoticed and furcatten. Yet what is that ‘secret destination’ all about? I do think that one of your 9 lives is about much more than we can imagine, and it is meow-velous to keep open a childlike attitude to surpurrise.

guess who is the original author of this text :innocent:

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No offense but I would have just skipped your post if I found it annoying to read.

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I usually skip long winded posts that don't come with purragraphs


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