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EU Migrant Crisis Updates


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A. Merkel is done and toasted... The only hope, after her reign, politicians with the spine will turn anarchy into order.

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This is a very good analysis.

The media will try to sell this as a 'success for Merkel'. The borders are close (for now). I am thankful for all countries who took part to close the 'Balkan-route' aka. 'Merkel-trail'...

Now we have to deal with all these illegals who are already here and nobody knows where they are and what they are planning...

those illegals already here in europe will over the next months or years become the nomads of europe wandering through europe at will, with no official identification papers, persona non grata. How long before such people become disenfranchised? then becoming easy prey for criminality or worse, terrorism,extremism. Europe will reap what it has sown in the coming year(s) we've seen nothing yet.

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