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'Anonymous' protesters threaten global demo

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I had read the article, but was just being a tiny bit rude towards the Daily Mail.... :whistle:

Anyhow, I will suggest a way for the plans made by the small amount of protestors may be resolved. If the little idiots think such actions will make the public rise up and say: "Hey! We'll follow you!", then please, lead by example. All of the ones who made this plan should be stripped, painted, and publicly shamed, say in front of a major public place in London. The Tower springs to mind here.

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Space Commander Travis

Oh they're wacky.

Well, they'd then be regarded as terrorists, and we'd see how long they'd continue smirking behind their sinister Guy Fawkes masks with anti-terror police pointing loaded machine guns at them. Yeah, go on, Anonymouse, give it a go, let's see how courageous you are.

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"10,000 people across 670 cities..."

So.... slightly under 15 protesters per city then ?

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