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Still Waters

US states halt taking Syrian refugees

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The President doesn't get to choose which laws he wants to enforce, but that is what he has been doing on immigration and elsewhere. How about the first load of "refugees" gets delivered to the Hamptons, or Martha's Vineyard, or Obama's fenced yard? Good communities are gated communities. and these "gated" communities are gated for a purpose-- it isn't sinister of those folks who live there-- it is their right to do so. America is (or could/should be) a gated community as well-- to preserve the essence of what it is, which is good.

Some refugees just want to escape where they are, and some refugees want to bring their sense of justice with them. It doesn't align with our laws, our rights, our values and our sense of security.


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I'm not sure when that was shown to be impossible, but most countries already have a common set of guidelines, which we refer to as 'laws'.

Our unifying ideals seem to revolve around freedom, liberty, and government representation. Freedom and liberty become fairly empty words if that doesn't include the freedom to have your own ideals.

Laws and governments only work properly when a common ethos is shared by the populace. Judeo-Christian ideals, when properly held accountable to its own standards, have been shown to lead to a progressively fairer and more stable society. Our American history has made it obvious that those ideals must be observed for several generations in order to achieve the rewards.

Now that Judeo-Christian ideals have been marginalized here in the States, we'll be front-row witnesses to the latest social experiment. World history tells us that societies can fundamentally change for the worse within one generation. I'd speculate that the Internet will speed that up quite a bit. The results of our post-Judeo/Christian society will become apparent in just a few short years.

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Yup, let them in with open arms you say.........

The woman involved in the shootings in San Bernardino, Calif., on Wednesday passed through two rounds of criminal and national security background checks as she obtained a “fiancé visa” and later a resident green card to live in the United States, federal officials said.

Those checks turned up no negative information about the woman, Tashfeen Malik, a federal official said Friday. But after the F.B.I. said Friday that it was investigating the shootings as an act of terrorism — Ms. Malik pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in a Facebook post the day of the attack — officials were scouring her immigration record to see if there were any revealing details they might have missed.

“There was nothing she presented that would have been flagged,” a federal official said, speaking anonymously to discuss a fast-moving investigation involving several federal agencies. But, he said, “We’re going back right now and double-checking and looking over everyone’s shoulder who was involved.”

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lol of course, “There was nothing she presented that would have been flagged,” , she knew what to present to the agency, and what not to. was she smart, or was agency not so smart, to rely on her words, and papers alone, thou if every visa applicants would be actually investigated, it would take forever to get visa, or like 90% would be denied due to lack of resources to investigate

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