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Her/His story of the Tarot from antiquity to present

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Kathleen Meadows: There are perennial story lines that repeat throughout the various theories on the her/history of the Tarot. One popular Tarot legend describes the Egyptians creating the original Tarot in its book of Thoth. The story describes an oppressed group of Egyptians referred to as "Gypsies", racing away from persecution in Egypt, and creating a set of picture cards to describe and spread the ancient word of their esoteric teachings. There is supposedly no historical evidence to support this theory, yet it remains embedded in the Tarot epic.

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Bendy Demon

As I understand it, the cards themselves may be "old" but the idea of them being used for divination was a relatively new invention..perhaps in the late 1700's or early 1800's.

The Raider-Waite Cards are the most popular as I recall they were "first" to popularize and capitalize on the divination myths.

It seem that the cards were just...cards. The imagery was apparently just as mundane and meaningless as the imagery on our modern playing cards today.

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