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Stories sections update


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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

The following changes have been made to the forum's stories sections:

  • "Sightings Reports & Experiences" has been renamed "Stories, Sightings & Experiences"
  • "Submitted Stories" subforum has been merged in to "Stories, Sightings & Experiences"
  • "Stories and Experiences" ghost subforum has been merged in to "Stories, Sightings & Experiences"
  • "Stories, Sightings & Experiences" moved to the "Site and Community" category

These changes have come about in response to the need for a single, central location for visitors to post their own stories and experiences. Previously it wasn't clear where stories should be posted and this has proven confusing for new members.

The move also provides the opportunity to better integrate stories on the forum with the main site 'Stories and Experiences' section while also providing a more friendly environment for newcomers to submit their stories where there will be a greater emphasis on polite, constructive feedback and discussion.

A new FAQ detailing the ways in which you can submit your own story to the site can be found - here.

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