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Most our problems caused by usless immigrants


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should be thankful they've got a door. So all the properties which are owned by the company, accommodating the Asylum seekers on behalf of the government have red doors as standard, So if this street was full of properties owned by the asylum company all doors would be red regardless.

- exactly like the council estate around my way they all have the same door, colour and design, and you can tell which aren't council because of the different doors. are we singling out council tenants. No, its just a standard.

They have a bit more than a door... Here's a picture of one of the houses being used to accommodate refugees near Heathrow:


Now, firstly I'll say I'm totally opposed to any kind of abuse towards these refugees. Nobody should be subject to such treatment.

I will say though that it's easy to understand where the ill sentiment comes from. How much does a detached house go for in London? Crazy money beyond the income of most working class British citizens for sure, let alone the many we have who work and still live below the poverty line, turning to food banks to feed their families.

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Sounds like by 2020 the UK won't be the UK anymore, at least not the UK I have grown up reading about and wanted very much to visit. I bet there are some Muslims that really did want to get away from Sharia law that aren't liking this too well either but they are becoming drastically outnumbered.

Right now Europe is looking like the poster child of why not to take in refugees.

Maybe once the Muslims get enough population to take over Parliament they can change the name from United Kingdom to The United British Emirates?

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Why wont the government just spit it out and tell the truth, we have a serious immigration crisis and many of these immigrants are useless and a burden to the country.

We don't have a housing crisis, we have an immigration crisis. If the government wasn't so busy pumping the country full of immigrants we wouldn't have problems housing them.

We don't have an NHS crisis, we have an immigration crisis. Last time you went to the doctors or hospital did you look at who made-up the majority in the waiting room...yes immigrants.

We don't have an unemployment crisis, we have an immigration crisis. Yes a large percentage of immigrants come to suck on the benefit system and commit benefit fraud, sub letting council housing, working and claiming benefits or just plane lazy on benefits since they arrived and will still be on benefits the day they go out in a box. Worked in housing and dealt with these people every day.

We don't have a public transport crisis, we have an immigration crisis, too many people and the transport system struggles.

We don't have an education crisis, we have an immigration crisis. Classrooms full of immigrants who slowdown the whole class because they cant even understand English.


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