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New Tarot Cards


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(This is stolen from RPG.NET's Tangency, as I thought it might be appreciated here)

1. Describe the meaning of previous post's revealed new tarot card (you can note the "reversed" meaning also)

2. "Flip over" a new one, describing its name and possibly its imagery (or leave imagery blank and let the next person describe that too)

Example: "The Broken Doll" was the previous poster's "revealed card" they submitted, for the next person (you). You think about it and come up with: "A card that is often seen as bad, the Broken Doll represents the loss of innocence, but as well as the more negative connotations this can also apply to the loss of naivete and the gaining of a more accurate view of reality."

You decide to reveal or "flip over" the next card for the next poster. You describe the card as:

"Overgrown Wall" - a crumbling stone wall showing decades of erosion and wear, spiderwebbed with thin vines and plants growing from it

See? So now I'll start.


Previous Card: (none, or maybe Overgrown Wall)

New Card: Empty Flask

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(Empty Flask) = Card 14. The Communication Card.

Understanding = The Searcher having reached the limits of their own understanding, looks to new horizons for higher knowledge.

New Card = The Silver Beacon.

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The Silver Beacon, The card of Career And Learning.

Meaning: This card describes a need or desire to improve ones skills or knowledge. The silver beacon represents a goal that you have. The path you follow on your journey towards this light can often be a testing one.

New card: The Clouds and the Moon

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The Clouds and Moon: Recuperation, Dreams, Reception and the Feminine.

-- Upright, this card signifies the divine feminine, nurturing and quiet inner strength and emotional resolve. Like the tides influenced by the moon, this card signifiies the ebb and flow of emotion and energy, specifically the act of receiving energy as a channel, and gentle conversion of this for one's own creative purpose, often in the form of dreams or other sometimes fantastical inspiration. At night, when we sleep, the stars and moon guide our own energy through our bodies where it is needed, in a healing, cyclical current of restoration for body, mind and spirit.

-- If reversed, this card signifies either a lack or unbalancing overabundance of these qualities, nurturing becomes smothering, receptivity becomes a leech-like draining of energy from others, dreams and creativity becomes delusional fantasy and recuperation becomes stangation and overindulgence.

Next: The Dark Hound

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the Dark Hound is the hunter of lost souls.

Drawing this card means that you have lost direction and are wandering aimlessly through life like a traveller who has fallen away from the path and has been swallowed by the dark forest. This card urges you to take charge of your life and find purpose for your actions before the Dark hound finds you and devours your soul forcing you to lead an unfulfilled dreary life full of regrets while being overwhelmed with the feeling of inadequacy.

Next: The Rainbow

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The rainbow; Symbol of hope and Protection.

Full spectrum clarity.

Seldom seen by most but always there.

This is the Card of alignment and symbiosis.

New Card; The Ragged Robin.

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