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My EVP experience.

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Hi all

From 2 days, i had my first EVP experience (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

First, i tried it with a big streo Casste and CD that i have in my room and i started to record by mic, but got nothing.

Then i used the voice memo in my mobile phone my mobile phone and it succeed!

I heard voices of ladies talking in my room, i couldnt hear it clearly to understand what they say but it just was voice of ladies.

My 2 brothers listened to the same record and heard the same voices.

After few minutes, i tried to record again with asking them question, such as please talk with a loud voice, but they are gone !! i couldnt hear their voices again!

Well, what can i do 2 attract spirits in my room ??

I think i can attract them by my mind

Actually, i do this because im interest in OBE and these stuff, so my mind have an ability 2 attract them and communicate them.

But is there other way 2 attract spirits ?? and how can i make their voice more clear ??

anyway, it is really an unexplained mysteries to have voices of dead people on a cassete or CD or whatever

waiting for ur replies

thank u original.gif

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Go here www.worlditc.org and look under "tips for experimenters" it will tell you Everything you need to know.....keep us posted and good luck. thumbsup.gif

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