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Tis granted, but you still cant see it.

I wish for a plate of sausages.

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Wish granted... a heaping plate of of medium rare sausages.

I wish it wasn't so gloomy outside today here in Central New York.

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Granted! Sadly the gloom has been pierced by bright explosions as the army fight the Cloverfield monster for realz! :w00t:

I wish I could play the guitar just like a ringing a bell!

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Granted! You hit the top of the charts, but some guy named Johnny B. Goode sues you for everything you got for copyright infringement. You end up in a low cost housing complex and the nasty old lady next door keeps hitting on you. And her little dog yaps all night.

I wish for solice

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Wish was granted. Noah received some fly spray from "GOD" and it worked a treat. The chemicals caused mutations though...time passes...modern day...we now have no sprays that work on insects.

I wish for a pint pot that never runs out of beer.

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