It is thus written (by me) that "Every reason minded Knee shall bend (maybe doing volunteer work?), and every reason minded Tongue shall confess (to SPREAD awareness) that YAH "Oxytocin" WEH, Jesus "Serotonin" Christ, and the Holy "Dopamine" Ghost are the results of being evolved mutated crazy Apes". The Holy Dopamine Ghost (the true GATEWAY) is the HIGH that's not from on HIGH, or rather no more beyond than our own shoulder meat. Neurochemical mechanisms EVOLVED for the drive to gather resources (reward system pleasure based motivator) for the perpetuation of the species that does not take account of our PRESENT COGNITION. The root force behind ADDICTIONS like GAMBLING & MISTAKEN as a DIVINE PRESENCE (imaginary friend) by some. We are PATTERN SEEKERS (to see that Lion in the tall Grass & discern which Berries made us sick), yearn for "WHAT FEELS GOOD", and when "MAYBE" is entered into the equation it has dynamic effects neurologicaly (our pitfall). Drugs like Alcohol, Cocaine, and Heroine release these REWARD neurochemicals, but PLEASURABLE thoughts like winning money, or John 3:16 is just as addictive. The release of the Holy Dopamine Ghost strengthens neural pathways (learning/memory) which leads to compartmentalizating CONFIRMATION & COGNITIVE BIASES (ever try to reason someone out of a bad habit?). The Holy Dopamine Ghost brings powers of CREATIVITY in turn making sense out of nonsense (notice that the many words of the blessed just tread Water in a River ?). Research is uncovering new things daily, but for those that want to do their own research: Google "Dopamine Reward System", "Dopamine in Relation to Addiction", "Dopamine Creativity", "Dopamine Release Sleep Deprivation", "Dopamine Learning Memory", "Dopamine irrationality", "Dopamine Gambling", and "Dopamine Hypothesis". Also research "Oxytocin", "Serotonin", and "Cannabinoid Receptor" keeping in mind that many many more neurochemicals are being looked at by science. I confess that my antitheism is in part a byproduct of being moved by the Holy Dopamine Ghost, and in one instance led to it's realization. The Holy Dopamine Ghost is in all of us pushing behaviors productive, negative, and stagnant. I used to believe that large marine reptiles were not extinct, but inhabited certain lakes. Luckily my scientific understanding overrode the pleasurable thoughts of seeing these creatures one day, and settled for visiting their fossilized bones in a Museum. The HDG has a neural commonality with someone pursuing a higher education, someone collecting Christmas Ornaments, someone playing Video Games, someone doing drugs, or someone ensuring themselves of something after their physical body is 6 feet under. The HDG is more of a driving force in one person, while less in another. An example would be someone easily becoming an alcoholic, while another can take it in moderation, or leave it be. This is why the harder drugs should be avoided completely other than doing them is plain stupid in the first place. Cannabis is labeled a gateway drug, but I say the HDG is the welcome mat. The individual that will wear out the Doorway invitation has not only physical substances to worry about, but feel good thoughts as well. We have a lot more complicated dangers than our Ape like ancestors did millions of years ago, and one being our own neurology. Our thinking frontal lobe may have expanded while sacrificing some smell capabilities, but other parts did not go in sync with this evolution. The Bible says that God is written in our Hearts, and the one unforgivable sin is blasphemy against the Holy Dopamine Ghost. The ancients believed we thought with our Hearts. A warm Heart is body heat emanating through opened valves. A cold/hardened Heart is restricted Blood flow. Of course we know now the Brain controls this, it's purpose, and effects. The ancients did not know neurology, but they sure recognized that the HDG was a tool to be used. Back around in 2002 I had a HDG event brought on by sleep deprivation. After 48 hours of working on a project I went to sleep. Not long after I became lucid of my dream (very uncommon for me). I then saw the dreamscape fall away to blackness with just a point of light looking distant. I did not realize at the time that at this point I was awake with a beam of Sunlight hitting my Eye Lids, and under the influence of the HDG. Being open minded I mentally asked "God?", and then it seemed to pulse in response. I opened my Eyes, and then went outside. Everything had an aura like sheen around it, and I felt intense joy. Any care was lifted off my shoulders, and everything made sense (even the light that pulsed a communication). I then started to recognise that I felt drugged, and it was in my Head (I could feel it), and I haven't taken anything. I then noticed how simular everything was (minus the aura sheen) to the time a decade earlier I tried Valium once (do not do drugs kids). I went on to study the effects of sleep deprivation which showed I was under the effects of the HDG. Schizophrenics have higher than normal HDG in their system causing hallucinations hence the aura sheen I seen. The HDG causes pleasure which is a motivator to repeat it's release (core of addiction). I remember thinking the experience was better than any drug which is ironic because that's what drugs do (also designers are making ever increasingly dangerous drugs). I understand now how someone meditating for days, or stressed out can have an HDG event, then believe whatever dogma, or crank fantasy that was fed them. I understand how pure thought can have the same effect. Just imagine winning millions in the Lottery. Now you would feel great (pooring out of the HDG), but it would be hard pressed to convince you that the God Fortunea is smiling on you. Now imagine being addicted to drugs (which releases not the Kraken, but the HDG), and switching it to something that thought alone does the job (also your subconscious knows the safer bet). I have known addicts of all kinds. They do act as if an outside force is pushing them, but it's the neurology that is not thinking nor them. The HDG is just for gathering resources, survive, reproduce, and our thinking can be pushed aside. For those that want to argue "How do you know it's not how the divine interacts with us?". Well I have to throw evolution, neurology, and psychology away first. Then I have to ignore that the same Block & Tackle God uses to communicate to us is also responsible for a multitude of horrors. Just try to reason someone out of a gambling habit....Good work Holy Dopamine Ghost! With a world we have today, I hope some see the further implications of the HDG that I did not touch on? We are wired for what feels good. Keep in mind that people that hold doctorates are not of immunity to addictive behavior, or irrational beliefs even though less of them do. Dr. Robert Sapolsky: Dopamine Jackpot (Science of Pleasure) Dopamine's Role in Reward SciShow: Chemistry of Addiction SciShow: Why Am I Hallucinating Sleep Paralysis (sleep neurological state overlapping the awake state) Critical Thinking, Confirmation Bias, & You SciShow: Science of Lying Dr. Michael Shermer: The Pattern Behind Self Deception Some believe that unlikely coincidences have hidden meanings (pseudoscience of Synchronicity), but the math shows otherwise: Law of Truly Large Numbers "Neuropharmacological studies generally point to dopaminergic activation as the leading neurochemical feature associated with religious activity." Dr. Nora Volkow: How Drug Addiction Hijacks the Brain "Most of the genes found in the fruit fly—more accurately referred to as the vinegar fly—are found in humans as well, including those neurons that produce brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, which have been implicated in psychiatric disorders." The Brain Is In Continual Conflict Flashing lights and music turn rats into problem gamblers Dopamine's effects on learning and memory Why Most Addictions Are The Same In The Brain: Common Neural Currency Dopamine and Motivation Russian Fox Experiments The Selfish Gene