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Is religion about to die out?

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back to earth
5 hours ago, Elsupremo said:


Here is an interesting form of child and parent abuse by God when telling Abraham to sacrifice his son as a burnt offering. God later told him. "Don't do that, I was just kidding."

Like I said ... when the disease sets in fully :      God > father >  son ...

by the way, the daughters back then were at the bottom and got it a LOT   worse 


~ pun on Lot's daughters ..... and he was known in the Bible as 'a righteous man'  ....  :o

" hey, you mob ... settle down , no, you cant attack my house guests... look... I have these Virgin daughters , take them instead, do what ever you want to them ,  but dont disturb me an my visitors. 

<later>  ... " my Goodness , they are making a racket out there  !   <opens door>  here, have my concubine as well ! " <throws her out to the mob >

In the morning :  "oooh ... my aching head, how much did I drink last night ?  "  <sees concubine lying on door step >   

"get up woman. "    ......        "  I said .... "   < nudges her with foot >   ....   " Ohhh .... ooops  .... oh well"  <drags body inside, flomps it on kitchen table, gets carving knife, cuts body up into  12 bits >  

No one's hand was stayed by an Angel then !    But no frst born sons involved either . 

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2 hours ago, back to earth said:

That is because you dont fully understand the dynamic involved .  Go back to the first part of the partial quote of my post you used : "  Its a total breaking of spiritual and social hierarchical trust  " ... that is very significant. 

Also my comment about the priest , in many RC families over ruling the parents - the church knows best. 

God > Priest > Father (Mother )  > children.   One of those stories was; kid was getting sexually molested by priest , he confides in his father and seeks help, father goes ballistic  and beats own kid to a pulp for 'saying bad things about the church', then kid kills himself. 

Of course the victim thing / dynamic is present , as it is in most crimes . A soft target is preferred , a bully or mugger will, often unconsciously, select the victim , due to a range of feelings and observed traits, their gate, body posture, language, even thoughts.

THis is well known and understood nowadays. 

I suppose you are 'unable to understand'   because you  dont seem to be able to comprehend that most children , by their nature are actually weak and vulnerable ....   your comment could be interpreted in a really bad way ,  as if you dont understand that,  and are somehow trying to shift some of the blame, even if it is a tiny bit, on to them . 

I hope not . And I hope you can clarify what you actually mean here . 

Of course children are weak and vulnerable  !     Thats why we ... well some of us .... are so outraged about these crimes.  

Some children are less pliant than others. Much less so. Some would bite, kick, scratch, scream blue murder. They are not going to become a paedophile victim, and that very assertiveness is going to be an asset in life, in the sort of society we live in. It is the shy and retiring types that get victimized, and they were probably always going to struggle in a competitive, some would say over-competitive world. You have overstepped the mark, imo, in implying I am somehow excusing child abuse, of any kind.  I am simply questioning why it seems never to go away for the victims that we hear about, maybe there are those who just get on with life, put it behind them, if so, they do not come forward to speak of it, maybe that is part of putting it behind them. But we know only those that do not recover.

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