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Evidence of Neanderthal cannibalism found


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Neanderthals were very similar to our own H. sapiens ancestors - and we know some of those sometimes engaged in cannibalistic practices, so why is it so "shocking" to learn some Neanderthals did also?

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SO, they probably ate themselves, that's why they dont exist anymore. I wonder if the last one actually ate himself?

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Can't have ... we H.Sapiens ate 'em all ... that's why we here they gone ...

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Best guess today is the onset of some early form of 'spirituality' ... some genius thought 'I eat deer I fast as deer, I eat stag I strong as stag' to 'I eat him I powerful like him'


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Eaten Neanderthals doesn't mean Neanderthals did the eating. A tribe of Cro-Magnons slaughters a tribe of Neanderthals and pigs out on the spot, for instance, leaving lots of bones.

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Nothing surprising here, there is a longer history of people participating in cannibalism, than there is a history of it being considered evil.
Many in recorded history may treat it as a mortal sin, but there is quite a bit of time before recorded history, where this was not only seen as normal, but many times also as a sign of respect.

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