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When was America Great?

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Space Commander Travis
9 hours ago, RavenHawk said:

  We are so weak right now, if you were aware of how perilous our position is, you’d be crapping your pants.  We can only muster spending as much as the next 8 nations combined do.

There's literally nothing you can say in response to that. 

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Space Commander Travis

Perhaps it's not that America's "defense" budget isn't big enough, but that it's way, way, way, hilariously, preposterously too big, and those who use it have absolutely no conception of how to use it efficiently. Take for instance the current, New Improved! Blitz on ISIS in Libya (where there'd be no need to Blitz ISIS if it hadn't been for the "West"'s half-arsed intervention in the place in the first place).  As remarked here, According to Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook, this latest US airstrike resulted in the bombing of a tank and a few trucks. The cost of a round of airstrikes on Iraq or Syria is approximately $8.5 million.  The link underlined approximately takes you to an interesting summary from Reuters from March 2015, which reveals that up to that point, The U.S. military had flown 2,320 air strikes against Islamic State militants since Aug. 8 [2014] at a cost of $1.83 billion . Does that sound cost effective to you? 



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