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21 hours ago, eugeneonegin said:

So how are British workers going to be "priced in"?

Are employers suddenly going to offer more money post-Brexit, or are British workers going to be coerced into accepting lower wages?

What will happen to the economy if employers have to pay higher wages (they are already calling the Living Wage, (which is pitiful, really), extortionate, and that it will put small businesses out of business).

And how will the working man feel if he has to accept lower wages if employers say they can't offer more? I'm guessing, not happy.

I am genuinely puzzled as to how it is expected to work.


supply and demand. You flood a Labour market and the prices (wages) drop - You control the available pool in the labour market and increased wages have to be offered.

I thought you'd welcome an increase in wages? the rest is just Darwinism in action, any company worth their salt will survive others go to the wall. been happening for millennia.

Its like the housing market the current high prices are because demand is high and property availability Low, increase the availability of Houses and House Prices fall.

all rather simple, economics 101.


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10 hours ago, seanjo said:

Very Racist to say Brits are too lazy to do the lower skilled jobs.

That is UTTER rubbish, seanjo. What "race" are the "Brits" ? 

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49 minutes ago, RoofGardener said:

That is UTTER rubbish, seanjo. What "race" are the "Brits" ? 

I think it is a sort of Godwin's Law- in a debate, someone, sooner or later is accused of "racism" for holding a contrary opinion.

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