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Teensy Pterosaur Was the Size of a House Cat


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Teensy Pterosaur Was the Size of a House Cat

A recently discovered pterosaur was a real pip-squeak compared to the much larger flying reptiles that flapped across the skies during the age of dinosaurs.

Found in what is now British Columbia, a handful of fossils were described in a new study as belonging to a pterosaur that lived about 77 million years ago, with a wingspan estimated to be 5 feet (1.5 meters) in length. The pterosaur is thought to have been approximately the size of a house cat, measuring 1 foot (30 centimeters) tall at the shoulder, according to the study authors. It is significantly smaller than any other pterosaur from that era, and is the first of its kind found on North America's west coast, the researchers said. While the new pterosaur has yet to acquire an official scientific name, its fossils provide an important example of the variety in pterosaur forms — especially during the Late Cretaceous, when their diversity was waning, the scientists wrote in the study.

Read more: Live Science

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Yes he is.  He's shown with "hands".  Makes me wonder when the current day bird lost them.

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