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War Protesters


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I'm sure Ashcroft will be offering you a job in the DOJ.

I guess blacks in the south in the 60's were terrorists too.I guess our founding father were terrorists. Whatever you say "Bart"

You're still quoting the entire post, and your lack the intelligence to understand and correct this discrepancy is making you look more silly with each post.

No matter. You still fail to contradict or debate or question a single thing I posted. Instead you throw in other situations of past civil unrest and hope I take the bait. I've got some news for you, Infoboy. I'm smarter now then you will ever be, and everyone knows it. You have failed in this discussion like you have failed in every discussion you have been in since you joined this forum.

I have posted my position backed up with multiple real life examples, and you have said nothing to refute me, yet you still disagree. I think I have said enough, and my participation in this is at an end.

Debating kids, although easy, is certainly not cool rolleyes.gif

You've been punked out,deal with it.

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Okay It's time for me to voice my opinion on the guns subject.

First off, Guns are not the real problem in this country, Its the brain dead morons that own them!!

Plus I remember seeing something on Real T.V a while ago. These two punks where holding up a Korean store. But they werent useing a firearm, they where useing a KATANA! Which brigs me to my next view.

I personally think guns never should've been invented in the first place. Personally I think we should've stayed with swords. I mean,Think about it! How much skill does it take to pull a gun trigger? Whereas it takes a lot more skill to kill ,(Hey a ryhme!), With a good sword. Plus does a gun make that cool (SHINK!) noise when its drawn? Like I said we should've stayed with swords.

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