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Women finish haunting film by late father

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JANESVILLE—Brittany Bailey and Emily Gage had no idea how hard it would be to complete an unfinished film about haunted places by their late father.

“We thought it would be a nice tribute to him,” Brittany said.

In the process of finishing “Strange Incorporated,” they honored their dad, John Gage, who died in a car accident in 2008.



I had a buddy of mine in the midwest ghost circuit share this article with me, and I thought it interesting. I've seen the Bachelors Grove Strange Inc video previously- and sorry folks, it got that magic copyright symbol on the Youtube video, and I don't have permission to share, so I cant share it here. One can go look it up though.

It will be kind of neat to see the Mantino State follow up- see how the daughters handle the production compared to their dad.

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