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Michaelangelo and Foresight

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Michaelangelo "Garden of Eden"


I often wondered if perhaps Michaelangelo unknowingly foresaw shapes that were later discovered in science and exploration (map-making). Such as the twisting of the serpent man around the forbidden tree. One could compare this shape with the helix structure of a chromosome.

download (2).jpg

You could also say that left of the tree Adam and Eve were in their innocence, naked and without sentience. Then on the right of the tree they awaken out of their animal state and gain sentience, covering their nakedness and forever banished from the previous unknowing mentality of being wild animals. Not only can this painting be of religious value it can also be seen as a symbolic sequence for evolution. Michaelangelo likely didn't see his creation that way, but perhaps he was attuned with the insight to reveal this evolutionary process.



Michaelangelo "Adam and God"


Similarly we got a shape of North and Central America between Adam and God. This painting was started in 1508 and finished in 1512. At that time the Americas were being explored and maps were being made. Whether Michaelangelo saw any of those maps or not isn't known but let's say he didn't see them then it would be quite the coincidence that the shape of America be outlined while Europeans were first exploring it. Either way the symbolism of a far reaching seems appropriate considering the long months of dangerous sailing it took to cross the Atlantic Ocean. 

(Actual name of this painting is "The Creation of Adam")

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aka CAT

The question seems to be whether or not Michaelangelo was more a visionary than inventor.

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