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Mars one reveals modular space suit concept


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There are those who do and those who criticize. I'll weigh in with the dreamers and doers, the ones who may make the improbable a possible.

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Sounds like a great idea.  I wonder how long the suit is good for before the emergency air cuts in, or is that what it's for - emergencies?

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Why not make the material out of the same stuff flexible solar panels are made from and harness the power? You could convert the Co2 back into oxygen and water from the sweat and carbon into methane. This could be reacted with the oxygen in a fuel cell. Also I'm wondering if it could all be combined in layers of material that make up the suit, effectively making it like a plant leaf that makes energy using photosynthesis? The sunlight levels would be lower on the Mars admittedly but higher on the moon? If the backpack needs a boost give the astronaut a plug in parasol made of the same stuff and organise the walking schedule route so the sun is always to the rear. I'm thinking something in size and weight like the umbrellas used by fishermen or found in the middle of tables outside pubs. These are light and can fold up. A bit like my old bedroom curtain which I've started stitching a load of old garden light cells to. Large area but rolls up.

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