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2 minutes ago, XenoFish said:

I've had a lot of visions, but the beer goggles aren't in full effect.

It's been a vision-inducing day today...sigh.

Luckily, it's also Thorsday, and I get to drink and drink this evening.  Plus, Supernatural's on too.

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I am going to wade in here. My Mum has what she calls pictures. Pictures that show up in her minds eye, that she knows are significant but doesn't know why until after the fact. She also converses with her sprit guide. Yes, I think its odd too. There have however, been times  which seemed just a bit too coincidental . 

for example. After my father died, leaving his 3 children with the funeral bill, my mum was standing in a que at the bank when something told her to ask if Dad had shares in the bank. Turned out he did.My parents had been divorced for 25 years and had almost nothing to do with each other. She had no idea what so ever what his financial position was. That was one very coincidental guess.

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