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Bid to save world's smallest vaquita porpoise

Still Waters

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Mexican authorities and scientists are trying to save the world's smallest porpoise by capturing illegal "ghost" fishing nets.

They have managed to remove more than 100 dumped or lost nets left floating in the sea from October to December.

Local fishermen and conservationists helped to trawl 11,814km (7,340 miles) in the Gulf of California, the only area where the vaquita porpoise live.

Its population is estimated to be down to about 60 individuals.

Conservationists say they fear the porpoise will be extinct by 2022.


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too bad ... we suck extrimely

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Once again, sometimes violence IS the answer. 

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They need to save these animals.  

I believe that every time we make an animal extinct, we help kill our planet.  


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Update: A Last-Ditch Attempt to Save the World’s Most Endangered Porpoise

An ambitious effort to save a diminutive porpoise called the vaquita has received the official clearance to move forward.

Read more: Scientific American

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