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Newly Discovered Prehistoric Bird

Still Waters

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The North Pole wasn’t always a winter wonderland. Rewind 90 million years, and scientists think it was probably as warm as parts of Florida.

A new clue supporting that idea is a fossilized wing bone belonging to a newly discovered prehistoric bird found in the Canadian Arctic. The duck-size creature looked like a cross between a sea gull and a cormorant, but with a beak full of teeth. It could both fly and dive, and it most likely lived alongside turtles, crocodilelike reptiles and a whole lot of fish.


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More like a fish , you are what you eat . 


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15 hours ago, Athena1979 said:

It was warmer back then because of all those people driving their Escalades.

Yeah all those Prius owners don't realize they will be responsible for the next ice age. :P

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