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True ghost stories


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Story submission by: Angel525 Location: Southern California


I have many paranormal / strange stories to tell. I've always been able to sense and hear spirits. Just recently though I have been able to see apparitions and shadows. I will start with the newest activity. 


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I have read your story and find it interesting. I have had a few similar experiences and relate to your experiences quite well.

I came to this website for the purpose of chatting with other individuals who have had experiences such as ours. But what I have experienced here is that there are many people similar to us and who have had experiences like our's and there are many who haven't - and the ones who haven't seem to only be able to base their opinions on movies they have seen or books they have read - whether it be fortunate or misfortunate that they have never experienced anything themselves.

Just to let you know, I am white - but I am very closely related to Native American Indians in my day to day life for most of my life. I read how you smudged your house and that you live on burial grounds possibly.

I was just curious how the smudging worked for you. We have smudged our house(s) and it seems to only work for awhile, but after awhile things begin happening that defy any rational explanation.

And also just to let you know, I have a veryyy close female friend who is almost full blooded Native, and she has lost 3 sons and a husband within the last few years, and we have experienced MANY things that just cannot be explained in her house.

I am a true believer in the paranormal.

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This story is real curious and I hope nothing else bad happens!

I'm sure that if you're aware of smudging and ghosts that you're mentally protecting the house? As well as the people? Good luck!

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Oh ya, three knocks is bad but its a mocking of the trinity.until now I've never heard that its a bad omen like the one you describe. Sounds like a demon. They usually don't go away unless that person gets saved ,at that point you can just command them to leave.

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