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The Truman show

Trump to pull U.S. from Middle East

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The Truman show
6 hours ago, and then said:

If you read what I said more carefully you'll see that is not what was stated.  I said Turkey and Iran would ally themselves with Russia.  I'm not so sure why this is scoffed at today.  Russia is already allied with Iran and Erdog is bending over backward to make nice with Putin.  At some point yet future they WILL come against Israel and they WILL lose their asses in a monumentally big way.

The Russian, Turkey, Iran group is all but dead. Turkey has been getting some very encouraging signals from the Trump administration concerning regional issues lately and if the U.S. dumps the Kurds it seems like Turkey will be the new power in Northern Syria. 

Even the Russians are preparing for this eventuality...


Erdogan is playing the field and Putin is countering his moves. The future does not look good for Erdogan. I expect the Syrian war will morph into a Turkish civil war in the near future. 


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