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Boeing unveils futuristic Starliner spacesuit


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8 minutes ago, Eldorado said:

They immediately put me in mind of Gil Gerard's Buck Rogers.

I'm reminded more of the spacesuits in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Of course, this is an in-flight suit proposal as opposed to, say, a suit for EVA from whatever, or, walking around on the moon or Mars.

Still, a step forward in suit design.


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They definitely look comfier and cooler than the current ones. 


I'm not so sure about the color though: aren't the current ones orange in order to be more visible in case something goes awry (just assuming, please correct me if I'm wrong). It would be like using a white color for an antarctic or a K2 mission. 


Interesting the bit about the touchscreen sensitive gloves, but, although more stylistically appealing, is really a touchscreen more practical (on a spaceship) than an analogue panel? 

First, they need quite big buttons on screen, otherwise with those gloves it will be pretty easy to tap the wrong one (think about writing with your smartphone without gloves)! 

Second, if a screen contains 30 commands, replacing 30 physical buttons and levers, if something goes off and the screen breaks, you lose everything. With the physical ones on the other hand (theoretically) you still have the other 29 working. 

Do we know for what do/will they use touchscreens?

Will they probably have some analogue backup in case of malfunction? 


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