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Emergency Kittens Thread

Daughter of the Nine Moons

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XXXXXXeno\s  not Zeno's killed me


Clare / Clair / Claire and now Clair <SPACE > e <with a period>.  good grief

. . . . Clair just softens pillows in to my sumptuous bliss of epic enchanting extacy? extacy? kt!!!!!!!  IN  .. . . TO . . .sarreen/sarenek!IT!/Sahrene surrealism and those are spelled right somewhere in the world, how's that grab ya!zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz




just a second .. brb!!!!! :::::::

no -- not kitten .. thought pretty good thoughteeheeeheheheheheeeFunny-cat-my-dear-human.jpg

Edited by MWoo7
not Zeno . . . . but XENO !
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This thread from a kitten's point of view:

So Adorable





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