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Emergency Kittens Thread

Daughter of the Nine Moons

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2 hours ago, MWoo7 said:




Is that a kitten-version of ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing)?? :D

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Misc.: CooL Kitties: Buzzer, Boxy, Boxer, Tiggles, Ghosty, Coasters, Muffy Fluffins, JocksieBoxy, Skooters, Zippinzzz, Bella, BoreUsMorris, SlipperFreak!, Snowy and B Kitty !

Edit Features Disappear! GONE!

EDITOR not an Editor.

Resize gone !

among a plethora of other tools.

Edited by MWoo7
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Sorry for rant, EDITOR edits fine with right browsers

sorry fuzzy-white-kitten-with-stubby-legs-from

about the flailing there earlier.  yah I'z sorryzzz


Edited by MWoo7
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1 hour ago, MWoo7 said:





I’m not real

I’m just in your head



too bad their eyes won't stay blue.

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32 minutes ago, danielost said:

too bad their eyes won't stay blue.

Good point, maybe Siamese or a couple other's keep their blue but yes it might be rare after growling up to adults.

Sadly today, even if the pic extension says .raw

too bad! its been touched and photoshopped anyway YEY! for the snot noses college brats that are now grown.

I had some time in graphics and you wouldn't believe the shops, it didn't matter WHAT PLACE ! even fancy photo places, they couldn't help but play with filters, change a bit of color to hyper color, sharpen this bit and on and on and on till it looked like MICKY MOUSE had touched it!.  We'd ask kindly for original, half the time they didn't even have it, deleted it long ago HA!


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