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Ticci Toby

Creepypasta Sightings?

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31 minutes ago, Alien Origins said:

Glad you mentioned that...I saw him in my toast this morning...!:lol: And as for the OP, better put some fertilizer on that skin of yours so it will grow thicker or your going to stay offended around here....:D

Funny thing. Darth Vader has become a Orisha in Vodou. A spiritual "aspect" and I've seen Darth Vader shrines. :lol:

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Robotic Jew

I remember when I was growing up they opened up a new portion of the interstate and put up a billboard to advertise it(weird I know). It was a picture of a fork scooping up some spaghetti and people claimed you could see the head of Jesus on the fork. That was kinda creepy.

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