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Jane Austen poisoned with arsenic?

Still Waters

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Three antiquated pairs of spectacles displayed in the British Library are causing pulses to flutter clear across the globe.

Legendary author Jane Austen was poisoned with arsenic, proposed Sandra Tuppen, lead curator of Modern Archives & Manuscripts 1601-1850 at the British Library, in a blog post Thursday.

However, many scholars and medical experts say this theory is bunk, more crime fiction than plausible truth.


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I thought it was going to be more of a scientific theory. That maybe the spectacles had trace amounts of arsenic on them, but no... just speculation.

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I think she probably died because the level of technology they had back in the early 19th C just wasn't up to building a bionic woman. It'd be another 157 years before they really perfected it. 

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12 hours ago, oldrover said:

... building a bionic woman. ...

Ha Ha... I'm old enough to catch the reference. :tu:

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