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The Legend of the Albino Farm

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Came across this review... sounds interesting..

The Legend of the Albino Farm, by Steve Yates


"People began telling the story of albino caretakers at a piece of land bordering north Springfield all the way from 1946 onward," said Steve Yates, author of the Legend of the Albino Farm.

Those who grew up in and around Springfield have probably heard of the legend surrounding that large piece of property--the legend of the albino farm.   The land, which was called Springlawn Farm, was first owned by the Headley Family and then the Sheedys.  It was a recreational destination for locals in the 1800's, and postcards were even made depicting the farm. 

But, according to local legend, the farm had a dark side.  It’s long been rumored that a caretaker at the farm had albinism and scared people off with a shotgun.  Other tales tell of experiments done on people with albinism in a rock mansion that used to be on the property.  Those stories were sometimes combined with the legend of the Hatchet Man’s Bridge, a narrow bridge near Springlawn Farm, on which it was said a car disappeared, and the driver’s body was later found beheaded with a bloody hatchet nearby.



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