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Borderlands (2013)

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Especially for anyone with access to the BBC I-Player as it's available on there now. 

If like me you like horror films but are essentially sick to death of seeing the same thing, oooh made you jump, then this might be for you. 

I approached it with more or less no hope, after reading that it was about ' team of investigators from the Vatican', that summoned up all the cliche demons from the darkest parts of hell, then I realised they probably wouldn't deign to appear because like me they're probably not interested in another found footage made on a video camera offering. But I decided to keep watching it because there was nothing else on. 

It was only when the end titles started that I realised I'd spoilt what is a very decent film for myself waiting to be disappointed. Cliches are thin on the ground, there is the obligatory lights blowing out during a ceremony scene, but after that it goes its own way and does provide a novel and satisfactory ending. I liked it anyway. 

The investigators aren't the usual flawed but devout/struggling with their faith priests who come good and re-establish their relationship with God you usually get, but pretty hard core sceptics. There is a little bit of a 'because of me those people are dead' backstory to one of the characters though, but it doesn't spoil anything.

The film is a slow burner, unless you're an Ovis aries, but I'd say approach it fairly, don't expect brilliant, but don't expect average either. Deserves a watch. 

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i thought when i saw the title i thought of borderlands the game haha.

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