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Which would you rather? (Game)


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Pick Only One.


Which Would You Rather.



(A) - Experience the beginning of planet earth


(B) Experience the end of planet Earth but you survive

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Experience the beginning of planet earth.

Which would you rather?

Be rich and good-looking but hated by all...

or be poor and kinda ugly but loved by all.

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Poor and kinda ugly with love.

Be a powerful condescending holier than thou business type?

or a poor

Real Holier than thou? ((((  btw, which I've never met, they were always into money under their sheeps cloak. I always wondered why they were catching a leer, didn't know they owned several.)

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Definitely the powerful condescending holier-than-thou, since the two options are the same except one has more resources. 


Would you rather:

1. Discover faster-than-light travel

2. Grow up in a time when FTL is common and widespread

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