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The Pennine Pterodactyl


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Hello all,

Over the past few days I have read with interest about the Pennines, a ridge of hills known as 'the backbone of England'. They sweep from the Scottish border to the Peaks in Derbyshire. The highest hill is Cross Fell (893 m/2,930 ft).

This range is made of carboniferous limestone and millstone grit, and is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

It is also an area of outstanding woo-woos......... dontgetit.gif

There are so many stories associated with the Pennines that I thought I would do a few at a time, and will start with The Pennine Pterodactyl!

In September 1982 in Shipley Glen, a William Green was startled to see a huge bird. He described it as having ‘a wing-span of at least 6 feet, perhaps more’ and that it was ‘flying in a rather hap-hazard manner’. He described it as grey and leathery, the wings like those of an enormous bat, and said it was ‘eerie to look at’.

Three days later a woman saw ‘a huge monster bird’ surrounded by a flock of rooks (which are quite large as British birds go), and said it was heading off in the direction of Leeds airport. She estimated the wing-span to be around 10 feet.

Soon the local press had picked up on the story and were determined to prove that the monster was just a heron. This idea was firmly denied by a mounting number of witnesses. They were adamant. They had seen something which to al intents and purposes looked like a flying dinosaur……..a Pterodactyl!

More and more people came forward. A man walking his dog claimed that the creature had uttered a terrifying scream and had actually swooped down on him and his dog as they walked through Pudsey. It had rested on a nearby roof-top and he described it as leathery and bat-like. He also said that he heard the laboured beating of its wings as it swooped at them, as if it had great difficulty in keeping air-borne. The man had thrown himself to the floor in shock as it passed over head and said he got a good look at its face………..a sort of cross between a bird and a crocodile!

Another witness saw it at Eldwick, at close range.

In May 1983 various sightings took place around Thackley. Again it was seen to take laboured strokes as it flew, not being graceful like a bird. An investigator Mike Priestly took a photo of it but all that can be seen is a fuzzy silhouette.

Palaeontologists recently found evidence of what these early birds would be like in flight. It had been assumed that they could only glide, owing to their large heavy bulk. But new fossil evidence shows that they could flap for a short time and move thought the air in a rather un-graceful way before settling onto thermals in the air. Just like the witnesses describing what they had seen the monster bird do…….

Over the following two years the creature was seen regularly before fading away.

So what was it?

A ghost?? Or……..could it have been a Tulpa?

Unbeknown to anyone, at the very time this ‘monster bird’ flap (pardon the pun) was taking place, a man called Ian Watson was writing a science fiction novel.

In his book, a young boy was sent to Yorkshire to take part in an experiment. The boy was put into an altered state of consciousness, and asked to manifest a ‘soldigram’ – a three-dimensional creature!

And that creature was a Pterodactyl that swooped down from the skies before disappearing into thin air.


Hammy x x x

Sources ~

Miracle Visitors by Ian Watson

Supernatural Pennines by Jenny Randles

Bradford district and Manchester district newspapers

Fortean Times



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Interesting...There was a thread around here not too long ago that brought up the question 'could dinosaurs be ghosts?' I really don't see why not. But if it was a ghost, I'm not sure if the people would really see that many details... Perhaps it was just some freak of nature? An odd occurance, once in a lifetime thing?

Um...what's a Tulpa? unsure.gif

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A tulpa is a being created from someone's thoughts. Like, according to some Eastern religions, if you concentrate on something long enough it will begin to appear as if it were real. There was a woman who was famous for studying such things (of course, I can't remember her name! hmm.gif ) who was said to have, after some months of concentrating, produced a tulpa. She deliberately chose a monk, wanting something harmless, but she said that it began to behave in almost sinister ways. It was seen, btw, by other members of her group. Anyway, she had to concentrate for several more months to get rid of it.

I don't know about the Penines Pterodactyl. I've never heard of it before. The tulpa theory is intriguing, especially when you consider that "ghosts" resembling fictional characters have occasionally been seen near where the authors who created them lived. (Lamont Cranston's Dark Shadow character is most noted for this.)

On the other hand, my sister once saw a rare California Condor through the fog as she was crossing the a bridge and she thought at first that it was something prehistoric. It was so huge, seeing it up close like that, and the fog distorted it.

Here's a link to a story about the woman who created a tulpa. Her name was Alexandra David-Neel.

Tulpa Link

And here's another link that discusses Tulpas, something called "egrigors" which I've never heard of, the Dark Shadow phenomenon (I was mistaken about that, btw. I was under the impression the writer was Lamont Cranston, but really the writer was William Gibson. Lamont Cranston was the Dark Shadow's secret identity. Or vice versa. wink2.gif ) and the Philip Experiment.

Tulpa link 2

Edited by Elfstone810
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Hi you two!

And thanks for the interest in the thread.

Yes - I saw the thread about dinsaur ghosts and modern day sightings of 'mosters'. I put a thread up aaaaaaaaaaaggggggges ago about a similar thing in Delamere Forest......

This story interests me because this particular area of the UK is rife with strange sightings of monsters, UFO's, ghosts, spooklights etc etc. It wasnt until I read that this author had written a book about the area, including the monster bird that people were claiming to have seen that I got all excited.

If is was a ghost, why has it not been seen again?


All a bit mind-boggling for a small fuzzy person.....

Hammy x x x

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Thanks for the links on Tulpas Elfstone! thumbsup.gif

After I'd posted, I started thinking about that as well. If it were a ghost, then it shouldn't have just dissappeared. Then again, there are a few theories that ghosts 'migrate' to wherever they want. Perhaps he got tired of the place and left? Oh boy, that sounds odd. dontgetit.gif Lol.

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